We are simplifying the way boutiques do business.

With simple pricing for simple messaging for your boutique.

The price difference piecing together other platforms.

boutique scale total:



With Klaviyo, you’re gonna get email and SMS, but the more you grow, the more you are gonna pay for it. Plus, you only get a certain amount of email contacts.

average monthly Klaviyo price:

$150+ /mo


Intercom is a great website chat widget tool to help streamline support and other communications with customers, but if you can figure out how to use it, please let us know.

average monthly Intercom price:

$100+ /mo


Podium is an all-in-one software like ours that also does a really great job of streamlining communication into one place, but they still lack Facebook and Google My Business integration :(.

average monthly Podium price:

$400+ mo

average monthly total piecing it all together:

$650+ /mo